Southwell Air Conditioning offers huge benefits for any business when you install All Seasons Air Conditioning.

Installing All Seasons Air Conditioning gives your business the most comfortable and controllable working conditions throughout the year delivering both cooling and heating, allowing total control over the working environment. Staff productivity can increase by up to 20% as a result customers will also tend to stay in your premises longer because they are more comfortable and are more likely to return

All seasons Air Conditioning in Southwell uses only the very best products manufactured by Air Conditioning Market Leaders including Toshiba, Daikin, Fujitsu, Panasonic and LG.

  • Staff productivity improves by 20%
  • Customers dwell longer and buy more
  • Office and critical systems run more efficiently
  • Accidents due to fatigue decrease

We only install the very best equipment:

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LG air conditioningtoshiba air conditioning

The All Seasons Air Conditioning product range includes Split and Variable Refrigerant Flow (VRF) Systems. All of the Air Conditioning systems selected are energy efficient, reliable and operate on the very latest non-ozone depleting refrigerant gases. All Seasons is the perfect choice for installing Residential Air Conditioning, Light Commercial Air Conditioning and larger cooling systems for all types of Business environment. The very latest Digital Inverter Air Conditioners also offer the best return on investment. They deliver the best Air Conditioning options in terms of operating costs, maintenance and flexibility.

All seasons Air Conditioning in Southwell will be happy to advise on the most efficient system for any environment; products used are eligible for Enhanced Capital Allowances.

split systems

The twin-split system allows the connection of two indoor units of the same type and the same capacity to one outdoor unit in order to ensure more even air distribution in a larger zone. The master unit measures the temperature for both indoor units. The indoor units are installed in the same room, always operate simultaneously, and have a single control.

VRF systems

A VRF (Variant Refrigerant Flow) Air Conditioning system consist of a number of air handling units connected to a single external condensing unit and enable refrigerant flow to be changed through sophisticated controls. This allows the system to react quickly and efficiently to changes in the temperature required in the spaces covered – the temperature in each space is controlled individually.

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